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Asheville Landscaping Services is your one stop shop for all of your lawn care needs. Whether it is your weekly lawn mowing, edging, shrub trimming, landscape installation, mulching, sod installation or any other lawn and landscape service we can help. We are committed to providing you with quality lawn care and landscaping services that best meet your needs.


We offer comprehensive services from landscape design, to sod installation in Buncombe and the surrounding areas. With our wide range of equipment and our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we can offer our customers a quality service at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and friendly customer service and understand that each homeowner has specific needs for their landscape.



​At Asheville Landscaping Services, we can create a desing for your outdoor living space to improve your space and define/separate areas of your property. This separation, when properly tied into the layout of the property, can turn an ordinary landscape into a work of art. At Asheville Landscaping Services, we strive to incorporate our clients personalities within our designs to create the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing design.  Because of this, King Cuts has over a decade of hardscape client satisfaction. 



​An impressive walkway placed properly within the green of your landscape offers your property a more

dramatic appearance. Asheville Landscaping Services will design every detail of your walkway that will lead

you through your own personal paradise. Increase your property's curb appeal and value with a brand new

paver or stone walkway. 


Retaining Walls

​From small subtle garden walls to more intricate structual retention systems and grandiose displays, 

Asheville Landscaping Services can properly build your retaining wall.


Fire Pits​

Fire pits offer an intimate area to share with your family and friends after the sun has gone down. Our landscape

design team can help you plan out the perfect location for your fire pit to get the best view of the canopy of stars above.






Downspout Extensions

We can install extensions to better manage the current roof water runoff. We can direct the water away from your homes foundation and decrease the risk of water damage inside your home.


French Drains

French drains are common drainage systems, primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging critical structures as well as move unwanted standing water away from your homes foundation or other sensitive areas.


Catch Basins

Part of a storm water drain system which collects surface water and feeds into main drain line system.


Channel Drain

Utilized in hardscapes such as patios and driveways to collect and disburse excess surface water.


Pop Up Drain

Used at the end of a drainage system discharge line to reduce erosion.


The grade (pitch or slope) used to direct storm water runoff away from your homes foundation and other areas.







Mowing, Edging & Blowing
Routine mowing services are an important part of maintaining beautiful and healthy landscaping. We schedule our mowing services to coincide with the beginning of turf-growing season. Our lawn maintenance team will mow and trim your lawn with the utmost care and attention to detail and we will leave your property clean and pristine every time.

Sod Installation
Are you ready to blanket your landscaping with a layer of emerald-green grass that has grown seemingly

overnight? Sounds like you’re in need of sod installation by Asheville Landscaping Services.. Sod can be

used to repair a section of your lawn or to install an entirely new yard. Sod provides homeowners with a

fast way to achieve a green, full, lush lawn.

Detail Visits

You want beautiful landscaping all year-long and so do we. Asheville Landscaping Services offers detail

visits to spruce up your property as the need arises in order to keep your home and property the picture of

perfection throughout the year. We will prune, weed and care for your landscape as it was our own.





​Spring, Summer & Fall Clean-Ups

Our spring clean-up services are designed to address winter wear and tear, as well as rejuvenate your landscaping. As the growing season commences, we will clean, edge, weed and mulch your landscape beds and prune your shrubs as needed. A light layer of mulch on all landscape beds completes the service.

Mulch Installation
Adding mulch to your landscape adds a protective layer of material to help conserve moisture and deter weed growth, which protects the health of the plant. Our teams will apply a layer of mulch into garden beds and other areas of your landscape where plants need to be protected from the freezing and thawing soil.

Leaf Removal
Fallen leaves can blemish your beautiful landscaping, which is why Asheville Landscaping Services offers

seasonal leaf removal. From October to February, we will rake up and remove burdensome leaves from

your property.

​Hedge, Bush & Tree Trimming​
Asheville Landscaping Services can give your overgrown bushes, hedges or trees a more stylish

appearance with our trimming services. Give your landscaping an overdue “haircut” that will also help

the plant remain healthy. We use commercial-grade trimmers and equipment to ensure the best quality cut. 

Bed Maintenance
Allow Asheville Landscaping Services to help you “wow” your neighbors with stunning landscape beds. Our

landscaping crews will keep your garden beds free of weeds and other unwanted vegetation.




The art of landscaping combines elements of creativity (colors, textures and imagination) and science

(soil types, slope calculations and specs). Both elements are necessary to create a functional fusion of indoor

and outdoor living spaces.


During our initial consultation, you’ll meet with a member of our team to discuss your ideas and needs and

assess how everything will complement your outdoor space, your home and your personality.


Prior to installation, you’ll receive a detailed plan that will map out exactly what your property will look like.

We offer hand sketches.


Our landscape designers are extremely creative and have a unique talent for providing you with an outdoor living

space you won’t find from any other company!

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