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About Us

Asheville Landscaping Services is your one stop shop for all of your lawn care needs. Whether it is your weekly lawn mowing, edging, shrub trimming, landscape installation, mulching, sod installation or any other lawn and landscape service we can help. We are committed to providing you with quality lawn care and landscaping services that best meet your needs.

Residential & Commercial

We offer the following landscaping services...


Lawn Care and Full Maintenance - contracts are available.


Landscaping Services, let us help you design or re-design your current.

• Spring & Fall Cleanups

• Lawn Service & Mowing

• Grass Seeding and Aeration

• Weed & Crab Grass Control

• Leaf Removal, Mowing

• Tree and Hedge Trimming

Pruning & Removal

• Mulching and Edging

• Grading and Drainage

• Patios and Walkways

• Decorative Ponds

• Rock Gardens

• Landscaping

• Sod

• French Drains

• Erosion Control

• Water Features

• Walkways

• Pruning

• Hardscapes

Our Services

Lawn Service & Maintenance.

The core of what we do is a professional and affordable lawn service. 
Prices vary based on lawn size, give us a call and we can give you a quote.

This not only includes cutting the grass, edging with the weedeating and blowing off all walks/driveways, but is alternated in direction so the turf's compaction is minimized.  We are also committed to cutting your lawn at a 3.5" height or more to ensure that the soil does not dry out from direct sunlight, which enables weeds to germinate more readily.  A higher cut also allows your root system to grow deep, which maintains lawn strength during summer draught and winter freezing.

Our goals are simple: to beautify your yard so that you will spend more time in it, to use natives in order to promote a healthy ecosystem, to increase your curb appeal to aid in potential resale value, and to add functionality so that your yard better suits your needs.  From the initial plan, to the finishing touches of installation, we make sure every last detail is done with care and to your liking.


●  Early Spring: Application of pre-emergent with fertilizer prevents unwanted weeds, while feeding the lawn.


●  Late Spring: An application of pre-emergent with weed control will continue to defend against grassy weeds, while also eliminating any broad leaf weeds in the lawn.


●  Early Summer: Fertilizer with weed control will feed the lawn and provide additional broad leaf control that have recently germinated.

​​●  Fall and Winter: Clean up and maintenance, removal of dead leaves and fall grass planting. 

Snow removal and sanding.

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"We take care of your Lawn, So you don't Have to."

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